Marvellous Marketing Video Message

Why should I buy this gig?
I have had endless fun creating messages to make family and friends smile, promote a message or brand for business, or anything else that involves the art of communication through music, pictures and words such as a memory or an invite.
Use this gig to create a message that totally makes someone know they are ‘marvellous’ and you want them to ‘take action’ ‘follow you’ ‘sign up’ ‘like your pages’ read your work’ ‘smile’ ‘buy your product or service’.  My aim is to help you think big and keep it simple.
Who is this gig for?
Here are some ideas that will inspire you to think BIG and dream simple:
  • Promote a marketing message
  • Signpost people to an event
  • Send someone you love a birthday message
  • Capture a moment through words and pictures

What is included in the gig?

  • 60 second video
  • Four simple messages ( max 7-10 words per message)
  • Three photos (high quality)
  • A Royalty-free soundtrack to accompany the message
  • A background to compliment the message
  • One free revision
  • I will soon be able to upload logos

Want to know more?

I mainly work by word of mouth and recommendation to ensure that therefore I aim to give you my commitment.  Buy this  gig and I will send you a form to complete to ensure we encapsulate your marvellous message.

Gig extras: 

Normally delivered within five days, however if you need something a little more quicker I can turn this around in 3 days or 1 day.

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