5 Digital Marketing Trends Every London Small Business Should Follow In 2016

5 Digital Marketing Trends Every London Small Business Should Follow In 2016

Digital trends for London Businesses

Businesses with at least 25 employers or more will benefit from following these five digital trends that we recognise as a means of building brands and customer acquisitions. These trends must go hand in hand with a digital marketing strategy and campaign to yield the results planned for.

Growth in the Digital Age

According to Companies House 3,742,934 businesses were incorporated in July 2016 on the UK register compared to 3,725,232 in May 2015, of which many of these businesses will use Google as their search engine tool. In this context, any business integrating Google as part of their digital marketing strategy, will enjoy 62% of web search and so promoting your business on Google has many advantages through both paid marketing, such as Google AdWords, and organic marketing, such as writing blogs, content to educate your visitors or sell your products.

Customer Journey

The buying process offline is so much more different to the online buying process.  Take a look at this customer journey created by  Google.  On average customers make their purchase based on reading up to 16 reviews (that’s a lot!) of a product before they buy, which is why Amazon.co.uk and Exepedia.co.uk perform really well as they employ the customer reviews online.

Google Digital Marketing customer journey

Google Customer Journey

Customer Behaviour

How well does your business understand the data it collects from sign ups to your email list, purchases and seasonal offers? Do you understand your visitors persona and their needs? One trend to follow is to take some time to segment and sort out your database lists into rational categories. Extend this further with deeper insights analysing your customers motivations, spending and buying habits and preferred communication patterns. Use Google Analytics to split your data into demographic locations and review the web pages with the most visits. There is so much data to glean from. Don’t get caught up in the semantics of data – all you need is a systematic way of linking the data in to servicing your website visitors.

Social Media

Kissmetrics report that 900 million pieces of content is posted each day on Facebook, it’s a platform that any business should invest in but not without a strategy. It’s one of the essential places to be along with other platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest and You Tube. However like any relationship, social media also has similar rules of etiquette, be willing to give, handle customer services to a high level of satisfaction and reach out and connect with helpful information.

Video Marketing

A really strong tool for businesses that want to educate their visitors and build customers quickly. Some of the basic things to consider include using sites like YouTube for video sharing and integrating video content into your social media touch points. A great resource to check out is Socialblade.com who are great at reporting on popular YouTube channels. Check this out: ‘Family Fun Pack’ created their pages in 2011 and with over 3 million subscribers and an average estimated income of £66k the traction they have gained over a period of time is a trend worth exploring.


YouTube Channel Family Fun Pack

YouTube Channel Family Fun Pack

Choosing a trend must align to the need of your customer and the capabilities and resources within the company to give the customer the best possible experience.



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