10 Amazing Blog Site Advertising Tips

10 Amazing Blog Site Advertising Tips

You now have 800 subscribers and want to drive growth? Here are my top 10 tips to help grow an amazing community.

1. Good Content is Worth Your While

Every blogger wants to make sure their blog posts reach and connect with their audience right. I heard in a recent Les Brown, for those who may not know him a motivational coach that he never makes an assumption about his audience. He always check with they need and then gives it to them.  

2. Invest in Paid Search

Don’t get me wrong, organic is good. I liken it to raising a baby and when done right, its well worth the effort. However, even though paid advertising is a numbers game, by playing the game you will win. Invest in your business like you invest in you.

3. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking helps communities grow by promoting your blog and content through social media. Honestly once the content is prepared it really is a winner (I like that word) 

4. Guest Blogs

Now this one is all about networking online, there are some great bloggers out her, and sticking together only means growing an eco-system that eventually will help anyone to be a brilliant entrepreneur. Seriously, building an authority website (Google calls it Domain Authority) will have your pages in front of the people you care about.

5. Discussion Boards

Out of these 10, not all approaches may work for you. However, with inforpreneurs, helpful needs to be your second name. Make use of discussion boards and forums, this always attracts visitors to your blog.   It creates value and once again both parties gain authority.

6. Interlinking Your Blog

Interlink your blog with other blogs written on your pages. This is a great way of informing your readers that you are well versed in the topic.

7. Network

As well as online networking, make time to network with colleagues in your niche. I like Meet Up, its brilliant and a great way to meet like minded. It pays off to help one another both offline and online. This is especially true for micro businesses.

8. Storytelling

We all love stories they connect the disruptions that happen when ‘fear kicks in’ and brings a positive reality. If you are like me, I believe in what I do 100%, mainly because I have grafted for what is true for me. I was not born with a silver spoon so connecting with stories has helped me grow my beliefs with what is attainable.

9. In-depth Reviews

This is an interesting one and works well. Using a product, service and giving an in-depth review. Amazon.com are well known for their reviews thus promoting the online buying ethics. People buy from people.

10. Irresistible Titles

Create irresistible titles, be it catchy, emotional, strong and short. People are curious. According to research from Hubspot, titles with 8-12 words get the most shares. Run your titles past others. What do they think?


What ways have you noticed, read about or tested to grow your blog? What were the results? Please share in the comments box and let me know what works well for you.

If you would like to explore any of these tips or review your current strategic marketing plans, it would be just a complete honour to book a Skype or telephone meeting. You can contact me via email and I will be in touch thereafter.



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