10 Amazing Blog Site Advertising Tips

If you are considering growing your blog site the following 10 tips will help focus your attention on building an amazing blog site community.

1. Good Content is Worth Your While

Every blogger wants to make sure their blog posts reach and connects with their audience right? As your brand builds the right approach to building rapport with their audience, it is vital to make sure we are writing about what people want. In our research we found that stronger bloggers let the reader know the investment time taken to read a blog [we’ll have a section on our website soon on our favourite digital marketing posts for the month]. This is really thoughtful. It’s a kind way of saying ‘Hey guys I appreciate your time’ tells the reader that you are thinking of them.

2. Invest in Paid Search

There are two main choices. We have just talked about organic and other options are paid search like advertising on social media channels, Google search and directories. This really can amplify your brand.

3. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking helps as well by promoting your blog and content through social media. One other approach is using the platforms to upload your content and then back link to your website.

4. Guest Blogs

Send a guest blog to other blogs. It’s a win-win. The hosting blog builds a community, the guest blogger receives back links to their blog. This is important because as you build an authority website, Google use back link indicators as one of their approaches to help promote your blog which is what we all want.

5. Discussion Boards

Make use of discussion boards and forums, this always attracts visitors to your blog.  It’s a way of helping out people who are searching for good practical advice. It creates value and once again both parties gain authority.

6. Interlinking Your Blog

Interlink your blog with other blogs written on your pages. This is a great way of informing your readers that you are well versed in the topic.

7. Network

As well as online networking, make time to network with colleagues in your niche. It pays off to help one another both offline and online. This is especially true for micro businesses.

8. Storytelling

We all love stories. Why not document a story that inspires your readers. A parenting story that I love to share is the joys of parenting. Stories about change for the better and I totally love stories about children. What about you?

9. In-depth Reviews

This is an interesting one and works well. Using a product, service and giving an in-depth review. Amazon.com are well known for their reviews thus promoting the online buying ethics. People buy from people.

10. Irresistible Titles

Create irresistible titles, be it catchy, emotional, strong and short. People are curious. According to research from Hubspot, titles with 8-12 words get the most shares. Run your titles past others. What do they think?

Vanessa Cariba is a Content Marketing Producer at Make Marketing Simple who builds websites, creates content and optimizes through social media. She has been privileged to publish an online magazine and writes in the areas of digital marketing, technology solutions, social media and content marketing. Connect with her on Twitter @vanessacariba and @marketingsimpl

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